Do you do all your work in-house?

Yes, we do all our work in-house. All our framers, all our drywallers, and all our finishers are in-house. We do not sub-contract any work.

Where do you do the majority of your work?

Manhattan, but we also serve the other boroughs, and parts of New Jersey and Long Island.

Do you do your own estimating?

Yes, we do our own estimating in-house.

What's the largest project you will take?

We’ve done projects from $1k up to $1m.

What's the average size of your projects?

Somewhere between $50k and $250k.

Do you do SCA projects?

Yes, we have done SCA projects.

Do you do millwork?

We install cabinetry and millwork, but we do not have our own fabrication shop.

Where are you based?

Midtown Manhattan. Because of this, we have an advantage over contractors based outside the City when we work on Manhattan projects. We are closer to the work and more accessible to our partners.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and carry a $5m umbrella policy and $1m automobile policy.

Do you do both high-end and fast commercial work?

We’re geared up to do quick turnaround commercial work and high-end residential and retail jobs.